At Stone Concept Maintenance Group, we are in the trenches daily and we are often called upon to advise on certain practice issues and selection options. We are concerned that our building standards are being compromised by economics without sufficient thought towards an effective marriage between Economics & Quality. At Stone Concept our vast knowledge of construction methodology and practice combined with our many years involved in the building industry have enables us to provide a unique, hands on advisory perspective to current construction and building needs.

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Stone Concept & DURALâ„¢

At Stone Concept Maintenance Group, we understand the stone, tile and construction industries and we are only too aware of certain issues and shortcomings within these sectors.

When dealing with a worlwide leader in "Tile Solutions", it is impossible to go past Dural. German engineering at its best with over 5,000 products in in more than 70 countries. Dural specialises in providing the perfect finish for all types of flooring. Since 1981, the company has been developing and manufacturing profiles and skirting crack suppression and expansion solutions.

Crack Suppression MembranesDecoupling SheetingMatting SystemsWaterproofing SolutionsLinear Drainage SystemsEfflorescence Barrier MattingFootstep Sound InsulationExpansion ProfilesEdging Profiles, Decorative Profiles, Step Nosing Profiles, Junction Profiles, Flexible Profiles, Illuminated Profiles, Balcony Daining Sills, Balcony Angles, Balcony L Shape Profiles, Balcony T Shape Profiles, Step Treads, Doorway Matting Systems and much, much more.......

Client Feedback

  • I was asked by a construction company that represents a well known hospital in Sydney Inner West, to inspect an issue with cracking tiles above all the form-work construction joints throughout the building. To me it was evident that not only was an inappropriate and ineffective style of expansion joint used but also the manner in which these joints were installed left much to be desired. After contacting Bruno at Stone Concept, he was able to provide me with an amazing expansion profile that they imported from Germany which was quite unlike anything else currently on the Australian market place. I engage Stone Concept to conduct a trial section by removing the 2 rows of tiles either side of the expansion joint, relaying the new expansion joint plus correctly installing the new tiles. I am very pleased to say they did an incredible job and their level of workmanship was of the highest standard. It has now been 4 months and throughout the hospital, the only section that does not have cracked tiles is the section Stone Concept replayed...well done guys, so far your work has outlasted the previous job by 3 months....we appear to be on a winner here!

    ------ Colin
  • We recently moved into a new apartment which had limestone floors and limestone kitchen benches. We had all kinds of trouble as limestone is very porous. Every time we prepared a meal or put a coffee cup on the bench, the bench would mark and nothing would remove the stains. We realised that the limestone had not been sealed correctly. We had a guy come in to reseal the limestone but still the problem persisted. In desperation we sought the advice of a stone supply company who recommended that we speak to Stone Concept Maintenance Group. I rang Stone Concept and spoke to Kevin Marksteiner. He was really helpful. He came out and explained in detail what the problems were with the sealing of the limestone. His team came in, honed and resealed the limestone floors and bench tops. Since then nothing seeps into the stone and we have had no further staining. The limestone is now properly sealed and we can finally use our kitchen. Thanks to Kevin and the team at Stone Concept. We highly recommend them for their workmanship and their courtesy. Tess and Jennifer. 19/02/2015

    ------ Tess and Jennifer